Antiques - Montcalm Hotel

Stanton, Michigan is in the heart of Montcalm County on historic Route 66.  Google Map Link

antiquesThe Montcalm Hotel is famous for their huge lobby, decorated with antiques, warmed by a vintage fireplace, in the winter months. The rooms are all decorated in period antiques, and there is an antique book library.  From the moment you enter the premises you are surrounded by antiques. The entire hotel and all of its rooms are furnished in antiques and, they are all for sale. In fact, Stanton Michigan is in the heart of Michigan antique country.


The Owl's Nest Book Store Another treasure hidden inside the Hotel Montcalm can be found at the top of the stairs. In the store you will find hundreds of antique books collected and brought by our exclusive pickers. In addition to the fantastic collection of books, you will also find old record albums, photographs, magazines and even some antique sheet music. The Owl's Nest, like the rest of the hotel, is furnished in antiques.