History - Montcalm Hotel

In 1883, P.H. McGarry bought the hotel. He did a lot of renovations, includina a new dining room, gas lighting, and a windmill to supply water. But in 1884, there was a fire and the hotel burned to the ground. Shortly after that, the hotel wa rebuilt, reopening on Mrch 17, 1886. Roomes were available by the day or week; office space was available to rent also.

The hotel is now called the Montcalm Hotel and has been a focal point of the community almost from the very beginning. It not only provided rooms and meals for transients and locals, it served many other purposes throughout Stanton's history. In 1887 and 1892, the hotel housed a barvershop, the Post Office, and a jewelry store. The barbershop was located in the northwest corner of the building. Louis Ellsworth and Oliver Gould were the barbers during that time. There is some indication in some newspaper clippings that the barbershop continued into the early years of the 20th century. One newspaper indicated that the barbershop remained through the 1980's under different ownership.

Between 1905 and 1910, the County Treasurer's Office was located in the hotel. The Courthouse building burned to the ground at 10 a.m., February 16, 1905 and it was several years before it was rebuilt. The hotel came to the rescue and housed the Treasurer's office. Other county and cities offices rented space in other buildings along Stanton's main street. There was also a restaurant in the rear of the hotel building where ceremonies, banquets, and other events were held. The restaurant eventually closed and an ice cream parlor opened up in the front of the hotel. At one point, the hotel also housed a dress shop and a craft shop.

During World War II, the Rationing Board was located just off the lobby in the hotel. Ration stamps were given for sugar, meat, gasoline, and stamps. The bus depot was also located in the hotel during the 1930's and 1940's. The Trinithy Bible Church, which was organized in 1950, held services in the hotel building until 1952.

In 1978, Ken and Ellen Fezler bought the hotel with plans to remodel it and have rooms for overnight guests as well as apartments to rent on a monthly basis. In the mid 1980's Luke Radar became the hotel's owner. However, the property was foreclosed on dute to non-payment of taxes. The property remained vacant for about a year.

In 1993, Ned Collins and current owner Judy Guevara purchase the property from the City of Stanton. They found the building in disrepair with old furniture, mattresses, toilets , and other trash piled to the ceiling. The basement also housed junk and it was also flooded. Pipes were broken, wiring was bad, and plaster was cracked and falling from the walls and ceilings. They set about cleaning and renovating. Their plans were to make apartments for rent in the upper rear, rooms to rent by the night, and useing the main floor as an antiques business. Ned passed away in January 1998. Since that time, Judy and her son John have been slowly renovating the building. There is always something to do. Neumann's Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor opened in front of the hotel in November 1998. In 2000, Judy opened her bed and breakfast and the hotel became a fully functional part of the community.

Today, Neumann's Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor is gone. It has been replaced by an Italian restaurant called Momma Mia's. They don't serve breakfast so the hotel is not a bed and breakfast any more. It si simply a hotel where the rooms are decorated with an old fashioned touch and visitors are welcomed. They have nine rooms available to rent. The lobby still houses their antiques business.